9 Times You’ll Be Glad You Have a Backup Generator


作为一家在罗利有分公司的公司, 克莱顿, 和威明顿, we at CMC十博app苹果版下载专家 know how unpredictable North Carolina weather can be, as with the hurricane-level storm we experienced last fall. Weather coming in off the coast affects our service areas at least once a year in a substantial way, 经常导致许多人断电. You can never quite predict when a power outage will occur. 暴风雨可能突然袭来, a car accident could interfere with a pole or transformer, 电力公司的工作人员可能会犯错误, 或者一只手掉在电线上. There are many causes that can lead to an outage, 但一旦你的家受到影响, 你能做的只有等待. 你没有电器, 自来水, 照明, 供暖和空调, and many people rely on electricity to power their medical needs. 当这种情况发生, you need to have a plan in place to ensure you and your family can be well taken care of until power returns. One way to guarantee you’ll never be too inconvenienced is to have a backup 发电机.

发电机 provides backup electricity to your home once the outage occurs. 这意味着冰箱里再也不会有食物变质了, 不要坐在黑暗中, no rising temperatures in the summer or shivering in the winter. A 发电机 allows you to continue more or less as normal until power is restored, so you and your family aren’t left struggling to figure out how to function in the meantime. Power outages occur more frequently than you think, and your home isn’t immune. To give you an idea of how many factors can interfere with your home’s power source, here are nine times you’ll be glad you have a backup 发电机 to rely on.

  1. 闪电. 闪电 is a force of nature that can’t be controlled, and lightning storms occur frequently in summer, 增加了中断的风险. Though precautions are taken as much as possible, lightning can still strike electrical equipment or trees that can interfere with lines or poles. This issue can often take a while for repair workers to find the source of and fix.
  2. 冬季的风暴. Though North Carolina doesn’t see too much snow, we still face the risk of winter storms shutting down electricity. As snow and ice gather on power lines, the weight can quickly cause them to snap. Snow and ice also gather on tree limbs, which could result in those snapping and falling on lines. Repair workers have a more difficult time restoring power in this environment due to the cold and moisture involved, 让你在家里瑟瑟发抖.
  3. 飓风和龙卷风. As we saw last fall, extreme weather like this is not to be taken lightly. Hurricanes coming in off the coast can leave many homes and businesses without power for days, 甚至几周. A backup 发电机 ensures that during this time, you aren’t as subject to the devastation as many homeowners, 你甚至可以帮助邻居.
  4. 风. Wilmington is no stranger to what strong coastal winds can do. The bulk of wind damage is broken tree limbs that fall and dislocate power lines, which isn’t an easy job for repair specialists to fix.
  5. 地震. While the North Carolina area doesn’t see a lot of earthquake activity, we’re not immune to it. A disaster like this can easily leave people without power for weeks, and that goes for businesses with goods and services we rely on as well as homes.
  6. 洪水. North Carolina is, however, prone to flooding now and then. Flood waters or even an abundance of melting snow can damage above and underground electrical equipment, 导致停机. The unique issue with flooding is that it makes it difficult for repair crews to get to the problem to fix it, so even assessing the issue may not happen for days after the outage occurs.
  7. 汽车事故. 但不幸的, 事故经常发生, and vehicles can often hit power poles with enough impact to knock them over or cause damage. 当这种情况发生, the priority understandably will be on the victim and safely securing and clearing the scene before any work begins on outage issues.
  8. 停电. People today are using more electricity than ever to power their lives. When demand for power outweighs power companies’ ability to supply it, 停电可以无限期地发生.
  9. 电气系统故障. Power lines wear out eventually due to a number of natural environmental factors, 导致设备故障. Relocating the lines underground where wear and tear is less likely can be costly, so it may take a while to either relocate lines or come up with a plan to repair above-ground lines once they expire. Regardless, you’ll be without power in the meantime.

A backup 发电机 is an asset in an outage that lasts any length of time, keeping you and your family going in an uncertain time. CMC十博app苹果版下载专家 has seen the advantages of 发电机s firsthand, and we’re proud to be certified Generac 发电机 installers. 单击了解更多信息 Generac发电机 and CMC十博app苹果版下载专家’s professional installation services so your household never has to be without power again.